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Originally Posted by braymond141 View Post
And? I was simply giving an option to always have a mint condition wheel without the progressive deteriation. There's a difference.

$420 OE Competition Wheel (non-SMG)
$20 a year (if anal) for fresh sheepskin gloves (that do NOT take away from the feel of alcantara)


$420 OE Competition Wheel (non-SMG)
$200-250 every 2-3years for a re-wrap

You decide which is more economical. The only thing that makes this hard for people to grasp is their apparent egos and ability to "pull a**" wearing gloves.

What did you spend $4k on? Nothing at 40k costs that much unless you're paying retail and someone else is getting paid to do labor.
lol bro, do you really own M3's?

lol at someone else doing labor, of course they are...why bother with it?

Anywho I had my sunroof felt replaced, valves adjusted, brakes redone (front rotors too), oil change, parking brake adjusted, CDV deleted, rear end had a leaking seal that was replaced, a few other things.

My time is worth way more than dealing with all that.
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