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Originally Posted by M4TT4 View Post
Well I've had my 5 since release date. I love all my apple products and could never convert. But here are my issues in no particular order...

Would've liked a bit more wider on the screen. (Meh, buy a Galaxy)

Battery life isn't as good as the 4s which is a bit of a pain. (Depends on usage and like most people, you may have a bunch of unnecessary settings turned on - Bluetooth, wifi search, push mail, location services, et cetera)

Maps is crap and we all know it so that's all I'll say. (Have you actually used it and had a bad experience, or are you just parroting what you've heard. Google Maps wasn't a error free app either. I've yet to have any problems with Apple Maps thus far)

No YouTube app. And I hate the App Store version. ( You're joking right? The default YouTube app had not been updated some the 1st iPhone. Anyone who regularly used YouTube probably move on to the GF superior web app. The new App Store YouTube app is objectively better than the old app in practically every way. )

I'm still trying to get used to reaching to the top left to go back, especially in messages. ( )

Bluetooth interference is a bit more sensitive. ( )

I would've loved to see an NFC chip in the arsenal because I hate carrying a wallet. (Next time you venture out try counting the amount of businesses that offer some form of mobile payment system. The tech is simply not there, even in major cities like NYC, SF, or CHI. Unless you plan on visiting Tokyo or Shanghai, NFC is largely a niche feature and will remain so for quite some time, in the US anyways.)

Yes it's noticeably faster! And I love it! But I was expecting a lot more. (If you're the kind of person that expects a ton of new features then prepare to be underwhelmed with every iPhone release hence forth. The phone is about refinement. Everything is there, or not there, for a reason. Other companies try to wow and dazzle consumers every year with a slew of new features. This is a very old and insulting business model. Reminds me of automakers, both past and present, who would come up with ridiculous features just for the sake of saying they had an edge over the competition. Forget the fact that the feature is useless or unnecessary in majority of real world situations.)

Oh, and its taking to long for app developers to optimize their apps for the bigger screen. ( Seriously? It's been out for just over a week.)

Apart from that its great and I love the new design.
Meh, I was bored today

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