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Originally Posted by M4TT4 View Post
Wow you were board!
I'm an apple fanatic and worked in apple retail for a year and a half. I think I know what I'm talking about. (think being the operative word)

NFC is everywhere in Australia. (Seems like America for a change needs to catch up)

Yes I've seen the maps in action and it is bad.

Yes the original YouTube app was laggy and hadn't been updated but the third party one is gay and lacks ui.
("gay and lacks ui" that's the most objective review of something I've heard in a while.)

This is the new iPhone, and developers have had plenty of time to optimize the display. The 4s was a filler and marketing ploy. (Riiiight, total filler :rollseyes: Every company does the same thing more or less. Revolution, then evolution. Rinse and repeat ad nausem.)

This phone has been talked up and worked on by apple for a long time. (Really? When was Apple talking up the iPhone 5? My memory gets a bit hazy before September.)

I know what I'm talking about. I was merely giving my opinions, no need for a d!ck like yourself to pick apart stuff you don't know about. (Why do I have to be a d!ck? I don't recall verbally assaulting you.)
Jeez, it's just an exchange of opinions. Take it easy.
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