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Speed/0-60/top speed/ect alone to me do not qualify as supercar! Look at nitro cars! Anyone consider these supercars? Anything can be modified to be a sub 10second car and run a 4s 0-60 with the right money and driver.. I consider supercars to be an out of the box Monster, something that you don't see everyday, has an intimidating look. I love the R35 GTR but in my mind this is not a supercar. I also own a toyota supra (94tt 6 speed) and there is an article I have on it where caranddriver tested it (in its 94 entry year) against a porsche *forget what one sorry* and a ferrari testorosa. Although the supra won the overall ratings, and a lot of single events they stated it just isn't in the same ballgame as the porsche and ferrari. To me I have the same feeling (I have friends with 900rwhp supras) and they are not supercars.. Sure they can own them in most cases but it still isn't a supercar!
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