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I agree with the general consensus of conclusions in this thread.

One question:
Someone said, you cant MAKE a regular high performance car IN to a supercar. There is a lot of merit to that statement. Yet I always wondered...

HPF had a TON of money dumped in that Pearl White Asuka wide body stage 4. Does anybody think that particular car might be an EXCEPTION and qualify as a Supercar? It was terrifically Expensive, had incredible power, exclusivity and bordered on what you would call "exotic". Some hated the look actually, but it still had an exotic flare to it. The pearl white paint was an eye catcher too.
I never referred to it as a "Supercar" but often wondered if it would pass as one.
I guess I will finally find out what everyone thinks about it in this thread. Doesn't matter to me. But I am glad someone finally came out and asked the question.

And dont some cars LOOSE their Supercar status? Take the Ferrari 348 or the Testarossa Those cars dont have all that much power and acceleration today as many medium level sport cars or muscle cars. They were considered Supercars in their day. Will that moniker follow them until eternity? Maybe. I dont know for sure. What do you guys think? I guess you could say "I own an 80's or 90's Supercar." I suppose that would work.

So far, the only times I use "HPF" and "Supercar" in the same sentence: "That HPF Stage 3 BMW M3 will beat almost any unmodified Supercar on the road today, with a few exceptions."

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