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Well a new key will not help you here. It will need to be synchronized to the keyless entry system which requires access inside the car.

You could possibly try to carefully cut your current key open and replace the battery and HOPE the keyfob works to unlock your car door.

You have to be VERY careful not to cut yourself or the EWS components on the keys circuit board.

You really need to order another key anyway, $160 for a new keyfob from the dealer is typically a good price. Shop around if they want more.

With the replacement keyfob, if you screw up the EWS circuit on the old key you will be able to start the car with the new key once you get in the car.

I have not confirmed this will work, but search Car Kracker on the forum here, it appears if you had a Car Kracker module and you could tie into the Ibus in the trunk, you might be able to use a computer to open the car doors??

The problem is the Car Kracker circuitry, the software, the computer and will it really work?? It should, but I have not confirmed this.

In order to unlock the doors with the interior handles, you need to push the central lock button first. Sounds like you are SOL as your central lock button is broken also.

This is a CLASSIC case that we are seeing over and over again of 2nd to 5th owners with one key and the keyfob does not work and/or the drivers door lock linkage is broken and/or the only key is lost or locked in the trunk.

EVERY E46 OWNER NEEDS 2 WORKING KEYFOB AND A WORKING DRIVER DOOR LOCK!! The $200 you spend now will save you plenty more money and time in the future. BUY ANOTHER KEYFOB AND MAKE SURE YOUR DRIVERS DOOR LOCK WORKS NOW!!

Good luck. Hopefully it will not be hammer or brick time??
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