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Alarm videos

I finally got the car washed so I was able to shoot the videos I had promised earlier. In this first one I show how the windows go down by using one of my channels. Then the windows automatically go up when I arm the alarm. I show my led in action and the fog lights as well. I don't like the arm/disarm confirmation chirps, so I programmed the alarm to arm/disarm silently. I get arm/disarm confirmation through my remote, led, and fog lights.

I then go to show the remote start feature. The led and the fog lights turn on when the remote start is activated. You can see that the car shuts off the second I move the shifter from the neutral position. Then I put the car in gear and show that it will not start, and then I put it back in neutral but release the e-brake to demonstrate that the vehicle will not start that way either.

I tried to show all the 2 way pager confirmations, but the lighting for the remote made it very blurry.

In this next video I show how the DEI 506t audio sensor works. It only takes one tap for the alarm to trigger. The only thing I dislike about 2 way pager alarms is that you can't disarm the alarm while the pager is receiving info. You have to let the alarm finish transmitting the signal to the remote before you are able to send the command from the remote to the alarm to disarm. That is usually about 5-7 seconds. Viper alarms don't have such a long lag time.

As always, any questions or comments feel free to post.
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