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Originally Posted by illestminimike View Post
Ok I consider Marcus' car a supercar. Lol
Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Well, Marcus, WE think your car is just SUPER! How's that? LOL.

OK, I am buying what eaks and Marcus are selling. I just wanted some discussion over it. Which I got. Thank you.

Battle of the Supercars did a drive off with the Gumpert Apollo(the blue monster), side by side with a hand made GT Malan. I'll take an HPF M3 please.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the compliments.

I think we (and really with almost any car) can take it to a level where it will perform as well as a super car, after all what is a supercar? Likely a car with the same aftermarket parts we put on our cars, but from the factory instead. But sadly.. its still not a supercar.. I appreciate and enjoy seeing highly modified cars more so than Supercars.. maybe thats because I live in an area where I've seen Veyron's parked outside the local bakery and the guy who borrows me his trailer for towing my M3 owns a lemans saleen s7.. but really I think its because you'll find more highly modified cars like ours (cars with more than the cars original value in just aftermarket modifications) out there on the track, beating on and enjoying their creations..

Most of the supercar owners I know let them collect dust in their garages, occasionally taking them out for some local meetup or cars and coffee event.. to me.. thats blasphemy.. cars are meant to be driven!
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