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Originally Posted by M5chas View Post
Thanks much for the comments. I am pretty happy with how it is turning out. The wheels are the standard Apex 18x9.5" 35mm fronts with 5mm spacers and 18X10" 25mm rears. Hate to be unoriginal in the wheel department, but really want a light, strong stockish looking 18" wheel and they fit the bill perfectly. Tires in the rear are Nt-05s 285/35-18. The rear is going to have to come up a hair as the tires rub under acceleration. Fenders have already been rolled and cut, no more material to remove. Also, btw it made huge power on a Mustang dyno, so didn't lose anything switching to the 1100cc injectors.

I was considering selling due to a rather lengthy argument with my wife. Ummmm, she had some valid points...., but I think I have her calmed down.
Thanks for the info Charlie...I've been thinking about changing to an 18" Apex set and I like the stance of your setup.

What brakes are you running and what are your camber settings? Are you lowered at all with your coils?

Also what power did it make with the 1100's? Could you post the graph please or PM me.
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