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First, if you did the guibo yourself, can you post pictures of it installed...that is, if you're not sure you mounted it correctly. If you're one bolt off on it, you're off by a mile.

Different width tires would absolutely make a difference also...whether this is the difference you're noticing, it's hard to say.

The csb needs to be pre-loaded...pushed up to the front of the car.

The driveshaft, I hope, was marked before it was separated and returned to its original position.

Guibo/csb, as simple as they are, there are a lot of little details to cover...

Nothing personal...don't know if you did this yourself or not (sounds like you did) and don't know what you know...but I wanted to mention some of this in case you didn't know.

I can't explain too well about guibo position, but I can see easily if it's right from a photo. So many of the instructions I'd read are a little confusing about least if you don't know what you're doing! LOL This is why I studied the instructions myself before doing the job...and decided I better not!

HTH a little.

...and a bump!
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