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UPDATE: So I've had the kit for about two months now and love every minute every time I drive it. No problems whatsoever, although I did run over a HUGE rock 2 weeks ago and freaked out. I thought I ruined the intercooler or the oil cooler at first. Pulled over right away and checked under the car. No oil lines broken or signs of oil spilling. So I started the car again and noticed my oil temp was hot but AFR/Boost/engine temp was running normal. I never noticed it before get very hot, but once I drove it.. It started to go to normal temps. Has anyone notice your oil temp go up after letting the car sit turned off? I want to make sure my car is top running condition.

On a better note, I bought a set of used RACs RG4 V2s and picking them up this coming weekend. No curb rash but a lot of nicks and scratches from the original owner using them as track wheels. I'm going to refinish them and use the original color Porsche Artic Silver. Hopefully, I can find a reputable shop that can do that in MD.

A couple of weeks ago, MPACT East was a huge success and a lot great looking cars. Filled the car up with race gas and put it on the dyno for sh1ts and giggles. In 90 degree weather, the car made 610rwhp on race and meth on a dyno dynamic(heart breaker dyno), but didn't really care bc it reads low and the car was getting hot. I love RACE GAS!! it's so much fun. Found a run down gas station that sells 110 octane for $7.xx/gallon. Gave a ride to a fellow forum member bc he's about to pull the trigger on a kit. Hope you enjoyed, Jake! Haha.

Here's some pics from the 2 events (bimmerfest east and MPACT East)


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