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Originally Posted by Shake View Post
How did the install go? I'm just wondering because I'm looking into doing a laminate wood flooring DIY as well. I have a few questions if you don't mind haha

1) Where did you get the flooring from and how much?
2) Did you get flooring with the pad attached, and how thick?
3) Did you remove the baseboards and them attach it again?

Any general advice?
Went pretty well. Still have more to do though. I got the flooring from lowes. I paid 38.00 a box. I can't remember the actual sqft cost but I want to say somewhere around 2.50-2.80

Get it with the pad. So much easier. Just lays right down. It's not too thick. I can take more pics later. Here's the one part of the dining room. I didn't take the baseboards out either

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