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If anyone has any up to date 1/4 mile or 60-130 updates of any nitrous m3s id like to see them

Im hunting for low 11s high 10s by next race season. I know few HPF guys run mid 11s.

Im currently upgrading my fuel system and exhaust to support the added power along with an upgraded clutch and flywheel. Id love to break some records for single power adder/ nitrous m3. Im not sire how many other guys are running nitrous but ill be 500+whp with 450+wt easily and ill have traction. I want a 130+mph trap speed in 1/4. Im gtr hunting. :-) id like to get some HPF guys together and get some vid of low roll runs and track runs. Anyone interested let me know. Im in the Virginia tidewater stead and always down to meet new people and see new rides.
txt or call- 757-2701968
Or just pm. I have made 303whp na with 262ftlbs Stock. No nitrous.

I've made 82ftlbs and ~68whp on a 75 shot. It was rich so I upped the nitrous jet to a 90 shot. Still rich so im going to try a 125. :-)
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