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Well before about 2003-4 there were supercars and that was the top of the line. Now we are delving into the realm of Hypercar. Anything that does above 220 I'd say is a Hypercar maybe 230. Then from 220 down to about 175-180 is a supercar, then 175-150 is a high end sports car. The term supercar did Not move with the times the title bracket stayed but in general cars moved up. So for example a corvette zo6 (in my book) used to be a high end sports car is now a supercar but a ZR1 is still a supercar. Obvious exceptions can be made either direction. Such as a GTR--supercar performance but sportscar price and quality (interior is plastic). It has nothing to do with power or 0-60 but those are never independent of a Hypercar. There's probably no Hypercar with less than 600hp and a 0-60 of 4+.
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