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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
there is yet a third thread out there that discusses this and many on that thread tell of VR gaskets that leak soon after installing them. Mine is leaking now at 16K miles.
My fault for not researching this a bit before purchasing. Lesson learned.

Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
No need. The compression and heat will make the gasket sit flush. U rather have extra play then for a gasket to have no play at all (too short).
Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Anyway, the OE is a little more pliable, but honestly, if you use rtv in the entire half moons...on the vanos seam...tighten down in stages, in the might stand a chance. VR had to have known and fixed this issue.

As far as the height of it, I'd been thinking about that and think that a big part of the seal comes not just at the bottom, but at the top of the gasket where it sits in vc make sure that groove is really cleaned out well.
I "dry-fit" the VR gasket just to see what it'd look like, and tightened down a couple of the bolts (shy of the torque value). It looked like the gasket was compressing pretty good, so I decided to install it. Doing some other maintenance on the car as well, so it'll be a bit of time before I can report on whether it leaks or not.
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