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Originally Posted by nnacpil View Post
Thanks guys! Love the NT05s! It hooks very well once the tires are warmed up. On race gas, second gear gets a little squirrelly but is controllable then hooks in third! Great street tire for sure! Drove in a rainstorm and it held up very well. I will stick with these tires for a good while unless I find something better. Only flaw, I wish they had a 285 tire in 19s
All cars heat up a bit when you turn then off... Just pay attention next time you go into a 7-11 to pick up a coke real fast. When you get back in and start it up the oil will be a bit past 210. Up to 240 even depending on how hot it is outside. Engine componets are hotter then your oil temp and that heats up the oil a bit after its turned off and not moving around through the cooler etc.

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