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new to guns. need advice/help

I'm looking to buy a gun sometimes in the near future for self protection and home protection.
i basically need a rundown for a noob. i haven't grown up around guns and don't really know anything about them. i know the laws in my area and i've shot rifles. that's about where my knowledge ends.
so what do i need to know and practice to stay safe? do i buy a gun with no knowledge and just wing it at a range? should i rent some guns before i buy one?
i don't know how comfortable i feel owning a gun without some practice before hand.
also what are my options? i don't know the difference between one gun and another. i would prefer an AR but price wise, i can't justify owning one at this point.
i'd like to do some target shooting often and will use this gun for recreation (shooting at a range) as well as for protection.

i don't know if i want to carry or not. my state allows open and concealed carry but once again, i don't know how comfortable i am with either at this point

any advice is welcome
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