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Originally Posted by Mr330iM View Post
First of all I wasn't going 81 in a 30, the cop hinted during the pullover that he was obviously having a bad day, he pretty much pulled me over because of my age and the car I drive. I though all of you would understand being e46 fanatics.. But I guess you don't I was speeding but it was only 45 mph I wasn't near 81. I already know what you guys are gonna say.... Spoiled brat your parents bought you your car, but I worked 4 long years to purchase my dream vehicle and idc what you guys have to say... All of you "childish", and irrelevant comments are useless to me now . I appreciate all your guys/females times . Enjoy the site . No harm done
So, you're saying a Peace Officer lied about your speed of 81MPH (instead of your actual 45MPH)? interesting.

Originally Posted by Mr330iM View Post
God damn contradiction. I was only doing 45 tho serious in a 30 and it was because its downhill I was even going that fast .
Is this some kind of new catch phrase?
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