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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
unless VR has the wrong shape or size, I am going to defend VR and going to say most leaking gaskets are due to improper user install.

I once had a leaking VCG (OE/Genuine BMW) and I found out that it was leaking because I didn't install the gasket dry. I decided to "lube" the gasket.
My friend also had a leaking VCG (OE/Genuine BMW) and it was leaking because the gasket fell off its groves on the cover toward the back.

VR is an OES for gasket and gasket makers for major european automaker (BMW, VW, etc)
Now that you mention it I was shocked to watch the youtube vid this afternoon:

where they made the really amateur mistake of LUBING the gasket! Engine 101: install gaskets dry with a little bit of sealer if appropriate. If you lube you create a path for the oil to travel thru. (exception is gaskets where they will twist on)
Kinda presumptuous to assume that all of us with a leak installed incorrectly. We're not the one making it up as we go. We live and breathe this stuff or we wouldn't be here, and don't use a pogo stick to repair our cars.

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