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Originally Posted by pawelgawel View Post
Hmmm, replaced 5 VCGs with VR and no leaks on any. Just did my vcg on saturday with VR... Ill keep an eye and comment if anythign goes wrong
If we stop to think why this might be so, it could be some bad batches of gaskets. Perhaps some were subbed out to a contractor (country) that strayed too far from the VR normal standards. We'll probably never know 'cause they aren't gonna talk.
So maybe you could get lucky and never have problem. I ignored the warning when people first began to talk, but then when I see weeping at only 16K miles on my gasket, I have to think maybe people are on to something.
Even one bad run of product can certainly ruin a reputation. Look at all the bad press it's received here. Who who hears this is gonna reach for a VR again when it comes time to install a new gasket?

And perhaps some EU gaskets are all OK, and only the bad ones exist in the US?

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