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Originally Posted by jamesbice View Post
Keen to have a crack at adjusting my valves, with 129K an adjustment is overdue. Had two main questions:

1. Is the valve cover gasket knackered if you check the valve heights and then replace the valve cover without changing the gasket. IE I would check which need adjusting and then try to order the shims individually and install them at a later date.

2. Best place to get shims. Should I just purchase a full shim kit or is there anyone in Melbourne/workshops that are willing to sell the appropriate shims to me? I have searched and found someone who can sell the set for 365 US, and I figure I need to purchase a gasket and the shim removal tool anyway from the US. So would do it all in one go

Also keen to have a look at my VANOS and see if its alright

Cheers for any help
Hey man,
Unless you really know what you are doing, I'd advised against DIY valve adjustments only because if you mess up, it could be a catastrophe. But if you do then it can save you lots of coin.

But to answer your questions:
1. No it wouldn't be but its not an expensive part to replace. I would replace it along with other seals as well whilst you are getting your valves adjusted.

2. I don't think anyone will sell you a shim. Best buy a shim kit and use which ones you require to fit the tolerance/clearance levels and that way in your next valve adjustment, you already have what you need. Plus like you stated you need the shim removal tool anyway.


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