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Originally Posted by Busabos77 View Post
Look man, peeling it off this early will surely damage what I have worked on so I do not want to try that just to satisfy you. I am sorry that your leatherique project did not work out for you but mine is just perfectly fine. Like what I said, I just dyed the pieces last week... Ofcourse the dye is still fresh and hasn't cured yet and not have a chance to get absorbed by the leather. Just like any other paint.. You wouldn't paint a car and do a scratch/peel test right? Just sit back and relax. Watch me make this happen
You're not listening. Leatherique does not absorb into the leather. It will not be any better after "curing". You made mention that you thought I didn't prep right, clearly you didn't read anything I wrote in the thread about Leatherique.

Niel was the biggest pain in my a** and you're just further encouraging others to act the same damn way. Ignorant to how to properly do things.

Yes of course it will peel, because it is NOTHING like a legitimate 2-stage leather color product. Had you taken the time to research how leather is made, you'd know this You need to learn to be more involved in learning about what it is you're doing. There's nothing for me to watch you do better than any other twit who will get the bright idea to use this stuff. A person that I once was but immediately took notice to how improper of a system it was soon as I got my kit. The whole point of me encouraging you to do things is so you see that and hopefully save others from making the same mistake you did. Enjoy your latex paint seats.

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