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Originally Posted by Five_seveN View Post
Why are they marketing things like panoramic pictures in their commercials? Its not really specific to the phone or really that big a deal. Haven't used one since 2007 but don't you think there are better, more unique things they should showcase in advertisements?

If you look at the history of Apple's marketing, they've always targeted a certain group in a round about way. Now we know that a lot of 30 plus tech heads will buy the phone. So who will your target? Parents who like taking photos of kids. They could have easily showed a video of people on vacation. Before that you saw a lot of Siri commercials with business type people (actors, directors, artist). The general audience don't realize that those in the Arts are business type people.. so why not target them. Shoot, most already own their Macs. So now the iPhone. Apple is famous for that. Oh and buying a lot of air time. My grandma (RIP) called every phone an iPhone. Commercials.

@ pimpn04coupe I just replaced my iPad 3 with a new one. And when I added iOS6 the other night I noticed a low Battery warning on my Diagnostic screen. Check and see what you have... Go to General - About - Scroll down to Diagnostics & Usage - click on Diagnostic & Usage Data... If you see a LowBattery then you need to reset the firmware. Before you do it, you can get the Apple Store to check your iPhone.
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