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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
While its not documented, press CDs 1-6 to change the gain voltage.
Originally Posted by white46 View Post
have to try push the music note button? button between "-" and "+".
While aux is connected, press music note button. it will show input level which will control input volume level.
Ok so I been reading damn near this whole thread and pretty much found an answer to everyone of my questions... EXCEPT, I put the Aux to "5" the highest it can go yet it is still fairly quite! I made the aux input wire myself and it works perfect and even shows and Aux mode when my phone is disconnected.

Also I just remembered I also couldn't find an answer to how do I get the aux cord down by the cigarette lighter? I read alot about it but when it all comes down to it, I cant figure it out! I popped out the air control and the slot under the air control, fed the aux toward the cigarette lighter slot but I cant find my cord?!?!! Sorry for bringing up these questions again but I can honestly say I spent a good 2 hours reading this thread and researching and still cannot find an answer!
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