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I wanted to reopen this thread, I still have the parasitic current draw, if I drive the car every day, i don't notice it. If it sits for a few days the battery dies. Just recently I started casually troubleshooting. I notice that if I pull fuse #63 that the issue goes away. I hear the little fan in the A/C control unit spinning, This is even after the car has been off awhile and i open the door. I know that fuse 63 is for the a/c clutch but it also controls power for the a/c and heater controller unit. BTW I have replaced this a/c heater control unit, the FSR and the A/C relay which is inside the glove box kinda behind the fuse box. I'm wondering if its a computer issue ? I'd like to find an instrument that can monitor the current draw of fuse #63 to see how it is acting. The little fan inside the a/c control unit is only supposed to stay on until the car goes to sleep which is like 16 minutes. This is kinda frustrating because it is a intermittent problem. I have 1/2 a mind to put a switch on fuse #63 or wire it over to the switched side of the fuse box. Fuse #63 is on the bottom which means it's not switched with the key. So there must me another voltage that the a/c heater controller needs since it turns off with the key but won't power up unless #63 is active. i could use some help on this. I know it's a hard one. There has to be another person where the same failure mode occured. Thanks, DC
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