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Originally Posted by KOpower View Post
Has Hyundai improved their build quality ? Just really scarred from my history of having a Korean car - maybe they are worth another shot - its been 8 years since I stepped inside one
I haven't driven many Hyundais, but I did have a 2007 Sonata for a week once (rental). It looked very nice from the outside. Until you got inside and noticed how cheap the interior was.

This passing Friday, I test drove a 2013 Elantra GT hatch. The improvement is UNREAL compared to that 07 Sonata I had. The interior feels great in the GT, as does the drive. I was blown away by how good it felt. I bought one the next day (picking it up today). It seems like both Hyundai and Ford have made great strides in the quality department in the last 5 years. You may want to test drive a new one if you're in the market.
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