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There are a lot of bent bmw wheels out there, and depending on how it was refinished or where the damage may have been at could still cause some problems at high speeds. If you haven't had it rebalanced at a reputable shop (or just a different shop from where the tires were installed) you may want to have that looked at. There are also different types of balance. A lot of shops with newer equipment are using a "smart balance" that determines the minimum amount of weight to correct a balance issue, it's not perfectly balanced but usually good enough and it saves the shop on lead weight costs. Then there is a zero balance that will call for more weight, sometimes in a counterbalance configuration, but will give a better dynamic balance (correcting up and down imbalance as well as side to side).

Also, you may want to watch the wheels spin on the balancer, to see if they are out of balance and also to see if there is any movement on the inner edge of the wheel that would indicate an out of round wheel.

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