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Originally Posted by rorschach View Post
You're just holding it wrong.
Funny comment in that article.
Haven't people defending Apple on this learned anything?

1. Customer: Hey! This is a problem!

2. Apple Genius: You're holding it wrong!

3. Customer: No, I'm not this is a real problem

4. Apple Genius: Yeah, sorry you're holding it wrong.

5. Random Internet Apple Fan: Who takes pictures near bright lights anyways?

6. Random Guy On the Internet: I can take pictures near bright lights with my (Insert generic smartphone here) just fine

7. Anti-Apple Crowd: Watch all the fanboys defend this

~A week later~

8. Apple CEO: Yeah the camera sucks

9. Apple Fanboy who's never had another type of phone: Isn't that a cool lens flare effect!?!
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