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Originally Posted by roastbeef View Post
docket will read "state of california vs. op." call it what you want, but enforcement comes from the CVC.

does he really sound that credible? he admittedly drives a "cop magnet" yet claims to be within the CVC. yea, right.
exhausts are not legal in california unless they meet a specific decible rating. he admits it is loud. assuming by what a reasonable person would consider "loud," his exhaust is likely not legal.
Guess other poster was right. Car was inspected previously and found to be within confines of the law, including a decibel test on the exhaust.

I've had plenty of run ins with police officers, perhaps due to the nature of the car or otherwise, they have all been very polite and not circled my car like they are an inspection officer. This particular officer seems to have a stick up his ass considering I was pulled over for something trivial like this. If I was speeding and actually presenting a danger, sure, ticket me. Pulling me over for sunglasses and a window sticker, cmon.

We're car people here, this isn't a purse forum, we modify our cars and enjoy them. It seems you choose to side with the officers who ticket us for enjoying our cars, more power to you brother, maybe this isn't the forum for you.

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