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Originally Posted by Beamer Creamer View Post
Headers by themselves not worth it. But an srt4 is a p.o.s dodge car in the end not a quality driving machine. Depends if u just like quarter mile or the whole experience. And i beat the stage 3 cobalt, An acura with slicks, camaro ss, srt8 charger and challenger. A hyundai pony could beat our m3's with enough power but i wouldnt want it and doubt it could rail corners at 160mph too good. Doesnt really sound like you like rwd fun if your talking american fwd. each to there own i guess
Lmao says the guys who does not own a srt4!! I have a stage 3 running 26lbs. 480hp on a 2900lb car. And what kind of ride do you have that hits 160 on a turn?!
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