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Oh man I didnt know this, so basically the light will just pour out? And sadly I do have 6000k lights The guy I bought them from told me that they are pure whites and that was the look I was going for...

To be honest i'm a super noob to all this stuff, so i'm just learning as I go. But thanks for the information.

So I guess that with my current wiring and bulbs I can still continue right? I just need to get a set of projectors? I seen the ones from the forum you told me to check out. The Morimoto ones, and they seem pretty good.

Just one question about lights, what does Bi-Xenon mean? I know that Xenons are lower light output that HIDs, so if these projectors are Bi-Xenon, doesnt that mean that it wont work with my HID bulbs?

Also the Morimoto ones says H1 bulbs, and I only have H7 bulbs, would that still fit?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to know what i'm doing before I end up making a huge mistake again...
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