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Originally Posted by TyG View Post
Oh man I didnt know this, so basically the light will just pour out? And sadly I do have 6000k lights The guy I bought them from told me that they are pure whites and that was the look I was going for...

Morimoto 3Five 4300k bulbs are cheap and good quality. 6000k is blue. I've had them before. They suck, and made my car look r1cetastic next to any car with OEM xenons like my uncle's E60 5 series.

To be honest i'm a super noob to all this stuff, so i'm just learning as I go. But thanks for the information.

No problem, we all have to learn one way or another.

So I guess that with my current wiring and bulbs I can still continue right? I just need to get a set of projectors? I seen the ones from the forum you told me to check out. The Morimoto ones, and they seem pretty good.

Yes. The Morimoto FX-R's are great. (what I have) The Mini H1 and Mini D2S are also good, and from what I've heard are easier to retrofit into the E46's housings.

Just one question about lights, what does Bi-Xenon mean? I know that Xenons are lower light output that HIDs, so if these projectors are Bi-Xenon, doesnt that mean that it wont work with my HID bulbs?

Bi-xenon means when you flip to high beams, the shutter in the projector opens up and floods the light out in front of you, above the previous cutoff. Basically it means lows and highs in one projector. This is what all modern BMW xenon headlights are.

Also the Morimoto ones says H1 bulbs, and I only have H7 bulbs, would that still fit?

Just get new bulbs. The Morimoto bulbs are of much higher quality than whatever you have now, and if you drop a bit more money, you can get the Phillips 85122+ bulbs which are vastly superior to whatever you have now. Just get 4300k bulbs. Much better at night and don't look retarded.

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to know what i'm doing before I end up making a huge mistake again...

I did the same when I first got my E46, though to a lesser degree. I dropped $700 on the DEPO Projector46 set which has REALLY poor quality projectors and on top of that I got 6000k bulbs. And MyCarr LED angel eyes. My headlights were blue and the angel eyes were purple. It looked downright awful. Poor life decision.
Hopefully you've got less in this than I originally did.
Proper projectors with clear lenses will give you the effect most people are looking for when they buy 6000k+ bulbs, which is colorful flicker:

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