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Agreed BUT you said "I forgot to look at what state you're located in but honestly most states require a windshield sticker. It appears to me that you have no sticker what so ever on your car." This is registration we are talking about, not inspection. The sticker in the front windshield is for inspection which is not what the OP said he got ticketed for. The Officer would only be able to give out a ticket once he saw he had no registration card but not because he had no inspection sticker... That's the case in NJ anyway, but i totally agree. I have gotten pulled over for no front plate and tints multiple times, but it depends on the Officer. You obviously have one thats on the lookout for you now. As far as your license and registration, i'd get that cleared up asap. Best of luck.
Completely misread and had a brain fart

Originally Posted by Carskibum View Post
Those are all traffic offenses. Once amonth, you are subject to pay the fines or get rid of the ILLEGAL MODS.

This isn't rocket science. You need to take responsibility for your actions. Blame the cop? Blame yourself.
+1 Tried to stress this in my first post.

You have two options Fix Mods to CA requirements or Pay up.

I'll be the first to admit I have illegal mods on my car. I have tint on front windows and windshield. In 3 years I've been given two tickets. I could have easily removed the tint and not payed a single dollar. I choose to keep the tint and payed the $55 fine.

You and I will both get stopped for illegal mods.The difference between your and me. You posted a thread complaining that you got issued tickets for ILLEGAL mods or lack of plate etc. I pay up because I acknowledge i have illegal mods I just choose to keep them. Doesn't make me right and you wrong. Just deal with it man.

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