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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
The purchase age for a handgun is 21 in my state. The owning age is 18. I'm under 21 do you think a range will still let me rent them?
If you don't know I'll just find out when I call them or stop in. I'll have to do some searching though. I don't really know of many ranges around here.
Thanks again!
No, the purchase age of firearms (handguns) in your state is 18. The same for Long Guns.

If you purchase a firearm from an FFL, you need to be 21. Long guns from an FFL is still 18. That is Federal law.

You can purchase a firearm privately from another IN resident with no paperwork. There also is no registration in IN.

happy purchasing and yes a range will let you shoot (unless they have a policy for some reason)

If I purchase a handgun from a private person, do I have to complete a transfer
No. Indiana does not require the completion of a form for a private purchase nor do you
have to route the transfer through a dealer. Recommend reviewing statutes in IC 35-
47-2.5 which is the chapter regulating the sale of handguns in regards to a private sale
or purchase.

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