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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
This really helps thanks.
I do have an air rifle that I shoot sometimes at targets. So I wouldn't say I'm uncomfortable with handling a gun. But I just want to learn to handle every gun with the respect it needs. I want to be safe with what I do. I absolutely do not want to buy a gun to protect myself and not know how to safely handle it.
The purchase age for a handgun is 21 in my state. The owning age is 18. I'm under 21 do you think a range will still let me rent them?
If you don't know I'll just find out when I call them or stop in. I'll have to do some searching though. I don't really know of many ranges around here.
Thanks again!
Understood; that's very smart.

JonJon is correct; private party, you could buy a handgun at 18. If you decide to go that route, let us know so we can tell you how to deal with that.

Now, I can tell you that in my area, you can't rent a handgun unless you're 21. That may or may not be universal and that could potentially create a barrier to you.

However, i still think you could get instruction for using a handgun. And if you're instructor is willing to do it, he could rent to gun to instruct you with it. You could go to the range and have him or her instruct you on each weapon you want to rent.

Otherwise, you could do as Tailo suggested earlier and go your local range and ask to shoot the firearms of fellow shooters.

JonJon, do you know whether he can purchase handgun ammunition under 21 in his state? I'd make the argument that .45 can be shot out of a Kriss Carbine and the 9mm can be shot out of an AR or an MP5/HK94 (?) rifle and that therefore they shouldn't be classified as handgun rounds, but some states might inhibit that.

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