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Doing a FXR retrofit is more difficult than you can imagine. The comments above sound very simple, because it's coming from very knowledgable lighting people. These folks have taken apart their headlights and know things inside out. For a nooby like you, I'd hate for you to get over your head with doing a retrofit without knowing the effort. Aligning the projector so that it's level is going to be your biggest trouble. And then theres the part of cutting up your headlights and mounting those projectors. Are you gonna have the balls to do that? Don't jump to the conclusion that doing a FXR retrofit is easy, especially when you're new to the car. Everybody makes it sound so easy, but that's because they've spent time reading, researching, and probably fiddled around with their lights before. If i were you, I'd go out and look for a used set of oem bixenons, or send your headlights to Lightwerkz and have them do the FXR retrofit for you.

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jneumann, you really saved me man. Thanks for answering all my questions, and damn you really ended up making a horrible buy haha. Thankfully I only spent $120, and if the only waste is the bulbs then by all means I think I saved a lot more than I could of lost.

I'll definitely look into getting the Morimoto projectors. The FX-R looks pretty good, but would I have any difficulty installing them? I checked out xi_chee's DIY and it looked very easy for the mini h1's. Also the FX-R page doesnt show the option for bulbs, what bulb would I need?

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