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Originally Posted by jdstrickland View Post
I'm confused.

You asked if tires that you can't even afford to buy will fit on your car. They will not fit, but it doesn't matter because you can't buy them.

Why would you even ask if they fit when you cannot buy them? Do you guys think a Maserati would look good in my garage, it doesn't matter because I can't afford one. There is a house on the hill in a gated community that I like, but I work at Walmart, should I try to buy it?

Your car takes a tire that is for any practical purpose, 25 inches in diameter. If you have a 20 inch rim, then you get 2.5 inches in sidewall height. This would make the tire package for that rim to be something like 225/25x20, and a quick search of Tire Rack shows that this is not an available size. I also searched for 235/25 and 245/25. There is no available tire option in those sizes.
The 18s I want are priced much more than what my friend is selling his 20s for. He's pretty much giving them to me. Sorry I didn't clarify

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