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Hey, just out of curiosity (and it may spark some ideas): I was REALLY bummed out in some of the directions BMW went after the E46. I thought the body features for example, especially the front end and headlights were exactly what a BMW should look like; clean and simple, but broad and sturdy looking. When they started going to the new cars, they started adding things like that "living flame" styling and obnoxious river interfaces ... I'm assuming I'm not alone especially on this particular forum, but I wanted to hear other people's specifics.

I remember working on an M3 of this gen for the track, and it was just such a solid, pure driving experience. Lately I've been driving more current models, and the new gadgetry just seems to detract from the experience, not enhance it. I think that is the toughest part about doing this for BMW, because it is not just about bells and whistles, it is about specifically enhancing the drive experience with features, not adding features at the expense of a BMW drive experience.
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