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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post

I disagree. You can talk to precision shooters that will tell you that cleaning after every shoot will actually cause a decrease in accuracy. ARs do not need to be cleaned after every shoot either. I just finally cleaned mine after about 2,000 rounds. I really can't remember the last time I cleaned my Glock. If you change that that to lubricate before every shoot, I would agree with you.
I guess "clean your gun" is different for everyone though. I never use the metal brush on my guns, I just think it's too abrassive... I normally just take a rag and clean the slide and internals with some hoppe's on it, use the pads w/ hoppe's for the barrel, and clean any built up carbon with a plastic scraper. Then LIGHTLY apply some hoppe's oil to the moving parts.

I can't see how the way I clean it would decrease it's accuracy... I understand if someone is using something really abrassive, as clearances would increase. Also, I guess it depends how many rounds you put through the gun in one session.
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