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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
That poor dead deer is going to need an entire overhaul. Replace everything.

People eat venison all the time...and I think it'd be a fine substitute for either pork or beef.

Anyway, I'm glad I usually order shrimp!
Sometimes people are just offended by being forced to face the fact that some of their food was a living animal at some recent moment. Such offense is dumb and hypocritical.

However it seems to me there is a potential sanitation issue with what they're describing here. Bringing a complete roadkilled wild animal carcass, with all it's fleas, ticks, parasites, dirt, gi tract contents and so on into a food prep area is asking for trouble. In addition, the history and health of the animal aren't known. How long was it dead and at what temperature? Was it healthy or sick when it died? Did someone poison it? Was the carcass exposed to oil, tar or other chemicals on the road that wont be eliminated by cooking?

This isnt to say the formal, regulated food supply chain is fantastic, but it may be a step above roadkill.
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