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Originally Posted by TKC View Post

See pics from my post yesterday....
How much is one of these anyway? With the other mods that need to be done to do this the right way, what's minimum investment. Tempted.

Originally Posted by TKC View Post
why don't I just sell my motorcycle, sell my car, sell my supercharger, and buy a prius?
3 kids is my only excuse for not riding. Also, impending license suspension from speeding on 280

Originally Posted by |K T D| View Post
a prius? Naw... that's too extreme, you need something a bit more tame... like a Fit
Even if you loathe me your friends agree.

Originally Posted by albeee View Post
I am partial to foam parties.
Always found them to be full of chicks that pretend they want to gb but really just want to smell like soap and cocktease. Now a silicon party...

Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
You want to be a woman?
Doesn't everyone? At some point? When they meet one of the world's few truly hot lipstick lesbians?

Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post

Now you can smell Calaveras every day.
Why does Milpenis smell like ass sweat?

Anyone here install oem projectors on already messed up overmodified and generally tempermental e46 lighting setup?
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