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Huzzah! Asbjorn troubleshooted and said that my EGS was running a software quite different than what they normally see, so he ported the improved software over and now it's running magnificently. The gear hunting around 35-40mph on gentle inclines is completely gone and in manual mode the shifting is radically different. I will sing the praises of ESS customer support and I have no reason to doubt their products since my experience, though it ran into some bumps, was ultimately good.

I also completed the meth controller install (it loos so slick, I'll try to snap some pics and put them here) and ordered a new center console, new console ashtray thing to actually fit my nav retrofit, and new door sill clips since they are horrible pieces of trash. I also moved the V1 hardwire to under the shifter, with power coming from the phone plug. This allowed me to more easily cut the power with my switch bank instead of having to remove the a-pillar again to run a new wire. It also located the meth trigger right next to it. I picked up a bunch of plasti dip for refinishing the cupholders and coin tray.

ETA: Moar pics!

This place feels right for the meth controller.

These were a pain to run, but they go all the way into the trunk. I plan to mount the pump/tank where the CD changer goes. Open flap, insert meth.

Windshield gasket should be added to the jfoj list, just sayin. It's overlooked by so many.

Also, secondary rubber has made an appearance on all four corners. I plan to get a Win8 tablet w/ digitizer stylus this winter for digitizing all my notes (I spend hours rearranging them, and have to budget for erasers as-is) so I can't decide between rocking the style 45's for who knows how long, or throwing dedicated snows on the 45's and buying new rims come spring.
AA Stg2+ 325xiA? Are you stupid? Maybe a little.
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