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Hi all i have a specific query relating to if you are only just replacing the water pump. I've never done any DIYs before that involved any sort of refilling & bleeding of coolant system, but I've done all my reading up on it and feel pretty confident, so shouldn't have any issues there.

However I dont want remove my splash guard/ undertray as I've only just got it fitted securely with cable ties last week whilst the car was on ramps (dont ask, essentially cause i have M3 rep bumper). So approx how much coolant is going to spill out when i remove the water pump if i dont drain any coolant from the radiator drain plug? Is it going to be a few litres or are we talking just a small loss? Either way I'll be topping up and bleeding, but just would like to know ho much i'll be expecting and how much coolant to have handy.

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