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I put in Kicker 6.5 subs in the rear, cut out the bottom of the stock enclosure on the bottom and added passive crossovers. Sounded really good! But tonight am in the middle of adding a 400 amp to them. Mounted subs in stock location. Have done a lot of setup experiments. The 6.5 Kickers can handle the extra power. Will have to experiment with amps built in crossovers to get perfect balance from front to rear but still providing the thump. Will thump but I don't think it will boom boom. I don't care for the over the top boom boom of huge enclosures that take away from true sound of something, or taking up my truck space. From the head unit I run the stock tweeters, and the 6.5 kicker ds65' s in the doors. Then upgraded from the 3 inch mids in the doors to 4.5"'s. had to mod the doors for the 4.5's. but look great and sound awesome. The only thing that was a little work was the 6.5 in the rear. Had to remove basket from mount, then attach 6.5's to them to use stock bolt holes. Plenty of room from top of speaker and cone from grills.

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