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Simply put: lawyer > ignorant 16yo.
A 330i can easily hit 80 in a 1/4 mile ecspecially if you roll a stop sign no matter how terribly you drive so I definitely would not say that. A cop claiming you did 80 with a radar holds more ground than
'I definitely wasn't going that fast'

Just so you know 50 over is jail time... so I doubt he lied because he was pissed off. Being 17 with a '02 330i I've definitely done speed in serious ticket territory, its just too easy when you are immature... so a judge has the same conception and you are straight screwed without a lawyer. Get a lawyer that costs about the same as the ticket and he/she will be able to make it disappear with a suspended license/driving class etc. Multiple guys I know have done this and it saves $$ on insurance for sure if its off your record, ecspecially 50 over. Other guys know what they're talking about on here with lawyers in this situation I'm sure so its advice is take

Just my two cents

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