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Originally Posted by bmxpert86 View Post
Jesus...I guess no matter how much money was thrown at this car or the most popular vendors could get this guy to be happy with his car.

The most crazy part of this is that the car is still at the shop.
I love his salesmanship: "Don't ask me stupid questions about what mods this car has." LOL. I could not believe my eyes. Then I remembered who owns it...

But 65K is more than fair price. More than fair.
I think he was happy enough. He has talked about selling it for almost a year now, so this is no shocker.

It's hard to believe that some people actually LIKE that color. To each his own.

I THINK its got the PT6766 in it. It did an 11.2. I am pretty sure with the right driver and tires this could be a 10 second car pretty easily...IF they ever get it running right.

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