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Nice thread, I noticed a few people with stock (bi)xenons added the morimoto's in their high beam for quads. For anyone that has done this or has any info on a quad setup...

How does the light output compare to the stock single-xenons?

Would it be difficult to wire a set of minis to the stock xenons to have all four as low beams and just the minis for the high beam? I would assume you could tap into the lows or fogs and tap into the high beam for the solenoid on the bi-xenon. But won't that throw a bulb error light if i dont get it programmed or add a resistor?

How would you go about aiming the projectors if they were mounted in the high beam bowl? Could there be a way to adjust them after they have been mounted?

This looks like a fun project but Im not sure if I can justify the price for performance considering I have the stock xenons. Otherwise I think my best bet would be to just go all out with some FX-R's.
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