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You are spot on. I posted pretty much the same in his thread. I said that any buyer would need to know certain key things and everything else should be more than OK. Yeah, a buyer could do what you said, easliy. I would not doubt it is more than capable of 10 seconds in a good state of tune, tires, driver, etc.

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Yeah Dave I thought the same thing about his salesmanship. Funny how he claimed how he was such a good businessman...I guess in some circles being a d!ck gets you up the latter but not in a car sale.

Yeah to each their own but the color is way too much for me. The price really is worth it but I would just strip the mods i like and f/i and sell the car with my motor swapped back in, or paint it a nice white, grey, or red. I guess priorities are first but I would want to at least get a few months fun out of it before it went up for sale.

He put a lot of money into it, one of the biggest M builds to date. But a big chunk of the mods were the hpf kit wich most of the parts were thrown out so you can't put that into the price because that was a loss on his part.

That being said I wish we got to see the end results n videos considering I followed the build for years. He practically swapped every interior part for new oem parts, so in stock form it's like a brand new car. If I had the cash I would strip it and put what I want into my car, sell off the extras, and repaint it to a shuttle color and give it to my girl.

I wonder what's included? Do you get the almost complete HPF stage 3 and the whole saad/proefi system. Almost two complete high hp f/I kits for 65k would be killer, plus a well maintained vert. Not bad.
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