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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
I think there is some effect when you get close to or beyond the point of no body roll, where the suspension becomes harsher and less compliant to bumps in the road, decreasing comfort and grip. Similar to anti-dive and anti-squat in the longitudinal directions when they are taken to far.
I'm just explaining the theory.
Originally Posted by IrocThe325i View Post
this is for a track car already on coilovers.

so i need lower the outer pivot point of the control arm and knuckle. so i have to either elongate the ball joint or knuckle...

neither of which seem to have an easy/safe method without major machining and engineering which makes me wonder why nothing has been created for our cars yet...

alot of us track them but maybe not enough.
There have been solutions created for E46's, Bimmerworld makes one, I'm not sure if SLR does for the E46. My point is I think you're better off spending your money on other things first because I doubt you're running a good double(+) adjustable damper. This is coming from someone who has built and raced several E46's, including those with and without roll center correction. But what do I know?

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