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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post

A E36 is a great compromise car. A car I can flog on the track and still drive it back home with all my track gear in the trunk. I can still take it to school with all my stuff because it has fold down rear seat, unlike a S2000 or 350Z. It has a LSD unlike any non-M E46. It is lighter and more tossable than a E46 M3. I might be biased but there's a reason I have a E36 and that reason is not because it is only good as a stripped out track car.

THAT SAID, I will eventually turn my E36 into a track only car...not because it can't do anything else, but because I don't have a need for it being street car, so I'd rather strip it and do what I enjoy doing the most with it
There aren't any non m e36's with lsd's either.....

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